transform with me

Do You Have A Desire?

You have a real deep desire and a vision to be successful. You are done with the past and willing to do what it takes, then this is for you!

The Future You Is Calling

Can you imagine the future you? It is not WHAT you achieve, but WHO you have to become to create that shift. That is  why you must do this. 

Are You Ready?

There's no 'one formula that fits all'. Are you ready to discover your own blueprint - one that is predictable and repeatable?

More about working with me:

Pick A Coaching Area

I normally recommend to pick up ONE goal to work with to start. You could be looking to raise the standards of your life in any dimension of life.

Emotional  — Being emotionally more stable and balanced. Creating happier more fulfilling relationships. Learn how to relate with people in healthy ways. Develop a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system.

Environmental — Create highly functional, clean organised decluttered inspiring and pleasing spaces that support well-being. 

Financial — Rewrite your Financial story with an empowered fresh Financial Identity and Blueprint. Raise the standards of your current and future financial situations.

Intellectual— Recognise and cultivate your creative abilities; expand knowledge and skills.

Physical— Enjoy better health, fitness and improve biological functions, posture, breathing, nutrition, a consistent workout mindset and routine.

Spiritual—Expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life connecting with a higher expanded version of self. 

General Coaching Goals

Having Ruchika as a coach can help you authentically move to a new place in your life, and help make powerful positive changes. 

Self Assessment: The power is in the here and now. It starts with knowing where you are and why you want to be where you want to be. Getting your WHY clear is the crucial piece.

Self Mastery: Self mastery is a process. It is a constant state of becoming. Realising unfulfilled potential. Inner and outer are on a continuum and it is through consistent aligned action, cultivating character, honing skills and increasing the value that we offer that master the process of life. 

Peak Performance: Wake up enthusiastic and have high energy, laser focus and deep awareness, emotional connection and authentic presence, achieving your goals one after another. 

State Management: Operating at higher levels of energy and vibration requires a continuous consistent support and alignment. Sustaining the levels you have reached is an important aspect of creating a strong foundation for further growth. 

What does it look like?

My Coaching is a transformation through direct experience that involves your mindful presence and creative thinking. 

As we work together, you’ll start seeing and perceiving your reality in a clearer way, find a new perspective, discover new ways of approaching your career, your relationships, and your life. 

Many of my coaching clients use our sessions to calibrate and assess existing strategies.

I will encourage realistic expectations and goals whilst gently nudging towards self discovery, will also be direct and firm with feedback when needed. 

In our work together, we’ll discuss ways you can be more healthy, functional, creative, integrative, effective, efficient, and productive, vibrationally as well as practically. 

We’ll often analyze situations from a variety of vantage points. We’ll develop action plans, and I will hold you accountable to implementing those action plans. And we’ll work on leadership strategies, creating a successful lifestyle and culture, and getting the best out of your life experience.

Coaching Commitments

Once you and I have decided to move forward in our work together, you’ll commit to three things:

Consistent Regularity: You will commit to regular coaching sessions with me for at least 6 months. Whether it's once a week or once in two weeks, you will commit to a regularity to coaching conversations. This keeps you on track, accountable and focused on progress.  

Putting in the Work: I only work with clients are highly committed and willing to take action. And I choose to only work with you if I believe that I can impact in a substantial, significant way. Therefore, I limit my coaching work to clients who are willing to commit to a minimum of six months of coaching. Clients who sincerely do the work. Successful coaching requires the client to be fully present and accountable. 

Integrity: I will push you to be authentic and honest with yourself, helping you to let go limiting beliefs and break patterns that do not serve you, help you reach out for the highest positive expression of yourself and support you in embodying it, learn new skillsets, and let go facades and redundant coping mechanisms, instead flow freely in the spirit of life, experiencing authentic growth. You’ll discover more about yourself than you might ever have before.

Independence: Many of my coaching clients stay with me for years, continuously pressing their boundaries and self-discovery, achieving more than they ever imagined they could. I become a trusted resource, ally, and mentor to each of my clients, but it is not my intent for my clients to become dependent, so you can expect me to encourage independence at every step.

Step by Step Process

Self Assessment: You’ll begin with an initial assessment which you will do for yourself. This assessment provides us with a baseline measurement for where you are at in areas and skills and where we need to spend time. 

Sessions: Then we’ll start sessions. The coaching conversation vary from client to client, being suited to the specific needs, goals, and personality of each client. We start with unconditional listening.

Although I am equipped with many modalities, which I will use as and when suitable, often we flow with the energy at hand. The substance of our conversation is not based a modality but an honest genuine reflective conversation that is directed towards creating a higher level of growth, integrity and balance. I’ll meet you where you are and guide you to the kind of session that works best for you to make major leaps. 

Measurement & Analysis: We’ll measure your progress. You’ll repeat your assessment every 3 months, depending on your goals and needs. We’ll go over the results together and discuss where to adjust and where to invest more time. 

Through thoughtful assessment and inquiry, collaborative problem-solving and goal-setting, and safe, open, and honest dialogue, I help my clients become clearer on where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. 

Clients feel accountable to themselves and so make and honour their commitments to reaching their goals, accomplishing more than they believed possible when they began. 

I help them set goals, define an action plan, and navigate the path taking strategic action until they reach their goals. 

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching is for generally healthy people who are relatively satisfied with their life and want to create more for themselves. 

Coaching is NOT therapy. I do not treat Conditions which require Therapy, such as if you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression or dysfunction, or mental disorder you are recommended to approach a therapist for treatment. 

Coaching is for people who have decided and committed what they want. If you don't know what you want, or you need someone to feel better about yourself - this coaching is not for you. 

Coaching is not a motivation session or venting or ego gratification. Please approach only if you are SERIOUS about your goals and willing to do what it takes to convert them into REALITY. 

You must be coachable and willing to work toward your highest good.

Are you truly ready to move towards the future? Therapists help you make peace with the past. Coaches help you make your future your present. 

Chemistry is key. Just as you choose your coach from amongst many, I choose my clients. I am able to work with a very few clients and I like to work with those who will benefit the most and with whom I enjoy working the most. 

If you are interested in the coaching and would like to know if this is for you, click below to apply for our clarity call. 

We can answer your  preliminary questions and help you move forward with greater support and at a faster pace with your life.